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One of the main AT Venture objectives was to look for answers to improve the regional's actors capacity in the management and development of Venture Capital (VC) and Business Angels (BA) instruments for innovative companies, an approach which revealed of extreme relevance in this current context of economic crisis.

As an added value of transnational cooperation, partners worked with common approach on project objectives and results in permanent cooperation between different VC and BA operators of their respective regions on the Atlantic Area Regions. This transnational cooperation has been the opportunity to exchange experiences and good practices about VC and BA instruments as alternative sources of financing, to attract new VC operators, to improve methodologies and access for companies and entrepreneurs to VC instruments as well as to promote contact between business, entrepreneurs and operators. Transnational cooperation was a key factor to gain critical mass to attract private investors as it emerged from the AT-Venture International Forum & Venture academy, held in Asturias in June 2011 as one of the milestones of the project, an international meeting point for investors and companies from partner regions and other leading European cross-border investors. Transnational cooperation was also key to develop some other interesting milestones as the report “Analysis and Exchange of Experiences” and the capacity building program addressed to VC&BA practitioners combining different profiles, where entrepreneurs, business angels, VC advisors & operators and policy makers meet to build together professional capacity and networking.

The highly topical subject addressed in AT Venture project& activities will contribute to ensure project's durability. Firstly, with this project there has been achieved a deep knowledge about actions& main trends developed in relation to Venture Capital and Business Angels in European regions. The project has helped to define and improve business support schemes of partner regions involved, for improving access to companies/entrepreneurs to VC instruments and BA in Atlantic Area Regions.  The results, the developed actions between partners and experience gained with AT Venture on work methodologies. All partners will be attentive to detect new collaboration opportunities to learn and develop new proposals on this topic.

Sustainable activities

This project has a very high potential to be replicated in a wider context. Nowadays within the context of economic crisis all Europe is eager to detect and implement activities and programmes to improve the access of innovative SME to private capital through Business Angels and Venture capital instruments as a way of financing the growth of SMEs beyond public funds. Private and public cooperation at it represented and promoted the AT Venture project could have an enormous interest. Enhancing the transnational dimension of investment, detecting and overcoming current obstacles and articulating common incentives could be also attractive for capitalization.ATVENTURE logo

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